Mega Corner Wooden Kitchen with Light and Sound Effects

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A large wooden kitchen is a proposal for children from 3 years of age. It was made of high-quality colored wood. The structure is solid and durable. The entire annex is stable and resistant to external damage. The set is a good investment, because it will serve your kids for many years. It looks like a real kitchen. Your child will love such a toy without fear. The presented kitchen, thanks to its neutral colors, will be suitable for both boys and girls. Are you ready to take your child into the world of MasterChef?

Characteristics of a wooden kitchenette:

The kitchen has sound and light effects. It is undoubtedly an additional attraction for all adepts of the culinary world. LED lights are located above the hood and the burners are illuminated. The corner kitchen also has sound effects such as the sound of cooking and frying.
The presented wooden kitchen set teaches your child to be creative, develops imagination and positively influences the development of your child, additionally providing a lot of positive stimuli.

Wooden kitchenette equipment:

Fridge with ice cream maker,
Lockable cabinet,
Washing machine imitation,
Colored tap,
Practical sink,
Dummy phone,
An oven with an opening door,
Useful pan,
A pot with a lid,
Handy ladle,
Practical colander,
Colored spatula.

Toy power supply:

The set is powered by batteries: LED lights above the hood, three AAA (1.5V) batteries, the heating top is powered by two AA batteries (1.5V). The package includes the assembly instructions for the kitchen.

Features of a wooden kitchenette:

Illuminated hood,
Opened fridge,
Open cooker,
Illuminated burners,
Opened microwave,
Cooking and frying noises
Faucet with movable valves,
Movable knobs in the oven.

Dimensions of the individual elements of the corner kitchen:

Corner kitchen, length approx. 88 cm, height approx. 100 cm, depth approx. 70 cm,
Kitchen with an extra bed in one line, length approx. 130 cm, height approx. 100 cm, depth approx. 70 cm,
Pot with a lid approx. 5 cm x 12.5 cm x 10 cm,
Frying pan approx. 17 cm x 10 cm x 3 cm,
Spatula, colander and ladle, each approx. 14 cm x 5 cm.
Everything is packed in a package measuring approx. 100 cm x 49 cm x 20 cm.
The total weight of the kitchen is approx. 22.5 kg.

Why is it worth buying a multi-functional wooden kitchen?

Cooking is one of the favorite games for children,
The child learns the principles of good work organization, priority of duties and tasks,
From now on, preparing meals together will be much easier,
The toy affects the concentration and overall development of the child,
Pleasant colors have a positive effect on the perception of your child.
Minimal age
3+ years
CE / EN 71


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