WOOPIE Cleaning Kit Vacuum Cleaner Suction Function + 6 Accessories

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A cleaning kit with a vacuum cleaner from the renowned Woopie brand is an ideal proposition for little girls who want to help their mother in everyday chores.

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The suction function and sound will make cleaning fun even more realistic and more attractive. The vacuum cleaner has an adjustable brush , thanks to which the child can adjust the angle of inclination while vacuuming. The toy is made of high-quality materials that are safe for children . Perfect as a gift to help your child imitate their parent.


– Suitable for children from 3 years of age,
– The vacuum cleaner has a suction function,
– The toy imitates the sound of a real device,
– Made of high-quality materials safe for children,
– Toy powered by batteries (not included).
Set contains:

– Pink vacuum cleaner,
– Flat tips,
– Two scoops,
– Two brushes,
– Sponge,
– Garbage imitation,
– Imitation of the cleaning agent.
The toy develops:

– Manual skills,
– Creativity,
– Precision,
– Dexterity.



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