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Description of the arcade game battle of ships large version

Introducing a classic, a classic that will defend itself. Ship battle arcade game is a game that unites and connects generations. It is suitable for children, teenagers and adults. Ships is a timeless team game. Game pieces are packed in handy and comfortable suitcases in which you can carry ships. Fun for young and old is guaranteed.


What is the game of ships?

The game should be played in teams of two. The rules of the game are very simple – you have to sink all enemy ships. But how do you prepare for battle to win that battle? The players sit opposite each other at such a distance as not to see each other’s boards. At the very beginning, you should separate the boards by tearing off the individual elements. Each player takes five ships and places them far enough away from seeing the opponent’s boards. Ships should be placed vertically or horizontally, importantly, they must not touch each other. Ship positions cannot be changed once the game has started. Each player takes half of the red pins and places them in containers on the sides of the boards.


The course of the game battle for ships

At the very beginning, choose the person who will start the game first. This player starts the game, ie “shoots” by selecting the appropriate letter and number. If the shot is hit, the competitor must indicate whether or not any of his ships have been hit. Mark the arrows with the white and orange pins so as not to repeat the already indicated field in the next turn. The white marker represents a missed shot, the orange represents a successful shot. The first to sink all enemy ships wins.


 Ship game kit contents

  • two boards, one in red and the other in blue,
  • ten ships,
  • orange and white pegs to mark the hit spots.


The dimensions of the game set for the game of ships

  • a panel for placing ships, each approx. 23.5 cm x 19 cm x 4 cm,
  • set packaging approx. 27 cm x 27 cm x 7.5 cm.


Three perks worth buying the game battle of ships

  • It is a timeless game. Your child will definitely not be bored with this game.
  • Dexterity, agility, concentration – these features will be trained by each player during exciting battles.
  • Anyone can play the game – children, teenagers or adults. Fun and excitement guaranteed.


Minimal age 3+ years
Minimum Players 2
Maximum Number of Players 2
Minimal age 3+ years


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