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This multi-purpose toy works great from the first days of our baby’s life.
A soft, cuddly pet encourages you to cuddle and fosters the emotional development of our baby.

Plush toy made of high quality material in beautiful vivid colours, attracts the attention of our child.
A smiling and cheerful bunny or worm will make the child feel safe and feel like having an adventure with his new friend.

Soft feet and legs hang slightly, they are an easy target to grab, so our sneaker can practice the grip of your hand.
A pull handle is hidden between the legs, when we extend it, the child will hear a pleasant tune that will soothe during stressful moments and calm down when the time of sleep comes.

Such a pendant can also be attached to other educational toys as an additional attraction.

It fits perfectly to:
– Headband,
– Educational mat,
– Educational table,
– Gym rack
– Trolley,
– Bed.

The toy develops and stimulates the sense of sight and hearing of our child.
The music box teaches how to differentiate the intensity of sounds.
Thanks to the similarity to real animals, our child learns to recognize their silhouettes.
Strings placed in the toy will allow you to take it with you and place it in any place chosen by us: cot, pram, baby carrier, car seat.

The height of the toy is approx. 24 cm


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