12V Colibrí Jeep Renegade White + Remote Control

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Openable doors, digital remote control 2.4 Ghz
Battery 12 V, 2 scooters, MP3 input, microSD and USB, seat belt


This car is equipped with 2 scooters, 12V battery and many functions. This electric vehicle has 3 speeds and reversing. Thanks to the new digital control unit it is possible to control the speed of the vehicle from the radio control and eventually suspend the gear in case of obstacles.

Your child will be able to drive this car safely and without any risk of interference by other radio controls as it is possible to connect only 1 radio control to 1 vehicle using the Bluetooth connection. No more shots at the start or stop of the vehicle thanks to the proportional power supply system, the vehicle starts slowly and gradually increases the speed.
2.4Ghz Remote Control With Soft Starting. No risk of interference from other radio controls and no signal loss.
MP3, microSD and USB input. enbsp- Parental remote control 2.4 Ghz, with 3 speed selector- Power 12 V, with charger- Unit 2 scooters- Plastic wheels with rubber central strap- Lights and headlights led- Opening door- Input mp3, microSD and usb- Forward and reverse gear-

Charging time 8-10 hours- Size 42.5 x 26.4 x 56 cm approx.


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