Crossbow With Quiver And Shield (6 years)

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Description of the set consisting of a bow, quiver and shield

We present the perfect set for a small fan of archery. The toy attracts with interesting colors and is perfect for every boy. Playing with the bow is an ideal way to train agility and accuracy as well as hand-eye coordination. The fun will be perfect for outdoor use.

How does the bow work?

The arc works very simply. Just stretch the rubber. Built-in infrared sight will enable more accurate shooting. The shooting target is an arcade game suitable for every season of the year. This set will provide interesting fun for both your child and his friends. At least two people can take part in the game. Archery is a very attractive form of spending free time actively, e.g. after an exhausting day at school. By inviting more people, you can organize a real shooting tournament. Ready to have fun? Start!

Set dimensions:

  • Arch width approx. 35 cm,
  • Arrow length approx. 25.5 cm,
  • Dial diameter approx. 23.5 cm,
  • Total length of the bow is approx. 52 cm.

Toy power supply:

The toy is powered by three AG10 batteries. Batteries are not included in the set.

Small archery kit contents:

  • Bow with infrared sight,
  • Quiver,
  • Four shots with suction cups,
  • Colorful dial.

Benefits of buying a bow:

  • The toy affects the overall development of the toddler,
  • The child trains efficiency, accuracy and dexterity,
  • The whole set is made of safe and durable material, the toy affects the concentration and overall development of the child.
  • The toy affects concentration.


Minimal age 6 years +


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