Magnetic Blocks Light Ball 6

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Magnetic blocks from the WOOPIE brand will attract attention and fascinate your child. The blocks are very easy to connect with each other , you can create great constructions with slides, e.g. a track on which the ball moves. The track can be illuminated with the attached flashlight to make it even more impressive, and the child himself can then observe how the light moves, which will develop his perception. Just arranging the track so that the balls reach the end without any problems will develop the child’s logical thinking, imagination, and creativity and will allow him to concentrate when creating a structure. By arranging the blocks, the child learns shapes and colors and exercises manual skills, the so-called. fine motor skills.


– A toy from the age of 3,
– Blocks are easy to connect with each other,
– Unlimited building possibilities,
– The track can be highlighted,
– Building blocks develops: logical thinking , imagination , creativity, concentration and manual skills,
– Packaging with a handle easy to carry and perfect for a gift.
The set contains 49 items, including:

– Construction blocks of various types of slides,
– Flat blocks,
– Flashlights and glowing blocks,
– Instruction,
– Stickers with pictures.
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