Wooden Clock For Learning

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Wooden Clock For Learning

Mom, what time is it? Dad, how much longer? How much is it?
The wooden clock is a great and practical toy that will help your child learn hours in an easy and fun way. Your child will be able to read the time shown by the watch on their own. In addition, there are colorful blocks on the board that will help your child distinguish between the times of the day and months. The child will also learn about the changes that accompany different weather, e.g. sun, rain, snow. Your toddler will gain new skills through play that will help him in everyday life. The toy is intended for children from 12 months of age. Both the clock and the elements of the set do not have sharp edges. The toy is completely safe for the youngest.

How is a learning clock constructed?

The clock has two movable hands that can be freely set and read the time that appears on the clock face. In addition, the child can read the time from cubes with numbers. With the help of cubes, he can create hours himself and read them. The blocks also have pictures with the times of the day, the current weather (sun, rain, snow). The blocks have numbers from 1 to 12, which symbolize the months. The numbered blocks differ in shape, they should be adjusted to the recesses on the board. This wonderful and educational set will provide amazing fun and at the same time develop motor skills, logical thinking, imagination, patience as well as a sense of concentration and creativity for your child.


  • A board with a clock approx. 30 cm x 21.5 cm x 7 cm,
  • The whole was packed in a package measuring approx. 30.5 cm x 22 cm x 7.5 cm.

Kit Contents:

  • Clock with moving hands,
  • Twelve blocks with numbers from 1 to 12,
  • Four square blocks with numbers from 0 to 6,
  • Two rectangular blocks with the time of day and the weather.

Why Get a Wooden Study Clock?

  • Your child will train motor coordination and dexterity,
  • Players practice accuracy and dexterity by arranging and matching small elements to each other,
  • Fun can be combined with the educational aspect, your child will learn the rules of reading time.

Minimal age 12 months +

Minimum Players 1

Maximum Players 4


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