WOOPIE Foam Educational Mat Eva Red 50cm x 50cm (4PCS)

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The mat is made of the highest-quality, odorless foam , it is safe for your baby. Thick foam absorbs your child from falling onto the hard floor. The foam mat is very easy to clean, just wipe it with a damp tissue or cloth. The mat is ideal for children prone to allergies as it does not accumulate dust or mites.

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The red WOOPIE educational foam mat will provide your child with a safe place to play. The unfolded mat consisting of 4 puzzle-shaped elements will provide a soft surface for every child from 12 months of age. Thanks to the educational foam mat, you can create a safe, soft playground.

Puzzles are multidimensional, so they can be combined in many planes. The parts of the mat can be spread out on the surface in any shape or form a three-dimensional figure. The puzzles can be combined in any configuration. It is up to you what shape you arrange!

Benefits of having a Woopie foam mat:

– Perfectly insulates from the ground
– It is easy to fold and unfold
– Supports the child’s development
– It has 4 puzzles that can be combined in any configuration

Each foam mat is 50*50cm

The total area of ​​the mat is 1 m2

The thickness of the foam is 1 cm

The puzzle sets can be combined with each other.

The product is made of the highest quality, environmentally friendly materials and is completely safe for the health of the child .

Woopie is one of the leading manufacturers of plastic toys in Europe. Woopie products are successfully sold on the domestic market and throughout Europe.

Woopie toys have one goal – to make children happy! Among the wide assortment, Woopie has, among others, carnival costumes and costumes for children, but also hanging swings, foam toys, various types of garden toys, and much more! Get carried away by fun – get carried away by Woopie!


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