WOOPIE Set Game Fishing + 20 Akc.

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The fishing set from the renowned WOOPIE brand is the perfect product for endless fun.
Beautiful, colorful elements in the form of fish and ducks will surely attract your child’s attention. Fishing with a fishing rod will improve your child ‘s dexterity . When we turn on the device, beautiful music will come out of the loudspeaker and the lamps will shine with bright light.

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A small pond with fish is equipped with a powerful motor that circulates the water , thanks to which the ducklings move on the water. The rod rotates 360 degrees , so it can be freely adjusted and set at any angle.


– From the age of 3
– Blue pond
– Water circulation in the pond
– The rod rotates 360 degrees
– Light effects
– Sound effects in the form of music
– Battery powered kit: 3 x AA (not included)
Set contains:

– Pond
– 2 fishing rods
– A spoon for water
– Water strainer
– Scorecard
– Stickers
– 3 fish
– 3 ducklings
– Elements for the pond


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