Catching Tail Vest (5 tails)

6.50 (price_including_vat)


Baby toy for children outdoor sports running game vest belt for school kindergarten catching tail child training equipment

Model: belt, vest, different models, different price

Belt: total about 80CM long, elastic, material: Oxford cloth+ braid, color: red, orange, blue, green. The color of the tail is random, and the length of the tail is about 30CM.each belt with 6 tails

Vest models: size: about 30CM wide, 45CM long, material: Oxford cloth + braid, color: blue, green, purple, pink, yellow. The length of the tail with a random tail is about 30CM.each vest with 5 tails

How to play: Put the belt or vest on the children and chase each other. You must protect your tail from being caught by others, and catch the tail of others. The ones whose tails are completely torn off is the loser, and the ones who catches the most quantity of the tail is the winner.

Role: to promote the development of children’s large muscle movements, exercise children’s ability to dodge, feel the joy of chasing each other.

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