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 A children’s bedside lamp with an LED projector and music helps to fall asleep and puts in a blissful mood, allowing for complete relaxation. The great effects and the sound lamps are extremely attractive to the youngest. Thanks to the object, the child will easily and willingly go to bed and fall asleep. Relaxing light effects imitating the starry sky and sounds in the form of quiet music or a book reader will make your toddler feel completely safe, relaxed and ready to go to the land of dreams.

 Why is it worth choosing the LED projector + Music lamp?

LED projector night lamp with music is perfect for children who are afraid of the dark and have problems falling asleep. The toy effectively calms, relaxes and calms the toddler, putting him in a blissful sleepy mood. The cozy colors of the lights make the child feel safe, they are more likely to go to sleep at night and easily fall asleep. In addition, the lamp, thanks to the projection of stars, develops the child’s imagination.

Thanks to the ability to play music , the baby begins to associate falling asleep with something nice, relaxing and reassuring.

The lamp is an attractive decorative element of a child’s room, giving it an interesting and unique atmosphere of a starry sky.

 What are the functions of the LED projector lamp + Music?

The device is controlled by the included remote control, which allows us to adjust the light projection to our taste and mood.

The lamp has many parameters that can be adjusted to your preferences, situation and comfort of use. The rotating head has a range of 360 degrees of movement, emitting attractive LED lights reminiscent of a starry sky. Its color can be changed according to our mood and taste. We can choose shades of green, blue, navy blue and fillet. We can decide on the pace of moving colored lights and choose whether we want to watch the projection of stars with or without LED lights. Thanks to the wide possibility of adapting the lamp to the user’s needs, we can also set the light brightness mode, the speed of movement of the projection and decide on its length (1-hour or 2-hour).

In addition, the projector lamp can be connected via Bluetooth with a smartphone , insert a memory card with music or a USB stick to play quiet music or lullabies.

The device switches itself off automatically after 4 hours.

 Lamp specification + remote control functions:

  • brightness setting modes,
  • 1 hour and 2 hours lighting duration modes,
  • light speed modes,
  • starry sky color change modes,
  • the ability to turn off the LED light and leave the stars alone,
  • 360 degree rotating head emitting LED light.

The set includes: LED projector lamp + Music:

  • Projector
  • USB cable
  • Remote,
  • User manual.

Dimensions of the LED projector lamp + Music set:

  • Projector approx. 15 x 10 cm,
  • Remote control approx. 8 x 4 cm,
  • Package approx. 15.5 x 12 x 12 cm.


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